Claudio Ferrarini


Marcel MOYSE
Louis Drouet (1792-1873)
Charles Nicholson
Gaubert Philippe (1879-1941)
FLORIO Pietro Grassi
Anton Bernhard Furstenau (1792-1852)
Theobald BOEHM (1794-1881)
ALBISI Abelardo Ernesto
Michel BLAVET (1700-68)
Maximilian Schwedler
LORENZO Leonardo de
TAFFANEL Claude Paul
KUHLAU Frederich
Anthony of Dornstatt

Francois DEVIENNE (1759 - 1803)
Louis Dorus (1812-96)
Jacques Hotteterre (1674-1763)
Johann Joachim Quantz(1697 - 1773)
Jean-Louis Tulou (1786-1865)

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Flute Books
Michel Debost The simple flute
Theobald Boehm The Flute and Playing
The Flutist's Formulae by Georges Barrre're. G. Schirmer, 1935, SS, 13 pages. A compendium of daily studes on siz basic exercises that are to be played in all keys.

Studies and Technical Exercises by Marcel Moyse. Alphonse Leduc, 1921, SS, 22 pages. Exercises and studies covering the various kinds of difficulties to be found in flute technique, and above all those associated with sonority (particularly in the lower register), correct intonation, slurs, and the mechanics of the instrument. Text in French, English, German and Japanese.

Tone Development Through Interpretation by Marcel Moyse. McGinnis & Marx, SS, 79 pages. The study of expression, vibrato, color, suppleness, and their application to different styles with pieces drawn primarily from opera. It Includes piano accompaniment and is also useful for oboe.

Marcel Moyse - Voice of the Flute by Ann McCutchan. Amadeus Press, HB, 326 pages. Before World War II, Marcel Moyse enjoyed great success as a principal flutist, as a soloist, as a leader of a revival of chamber music, and as a star in the recording industry, and master teacher in France. After the war he came to the United States where he had a profound influence on a generation of American flutists and was one of the founders of the Marlboro Music School and Festival.

A Method for the Flute by Jean-Louis Tulou, translated and edited by Janice Dockendorff Boland and Martha F. Cannon. Indiana University Press, SB, 131 pages. Jean-Louis Tulou (1786-1865) was a highly influential flute player and teacher. His method was first published in 1835 and was adopted by the Paris Consveratoire during the period (1842-1856) when Tulou was Professor of Flute. The method was written for the pre-Boehm conical wooden flute. This is a valuable book for those with an interest in the flutes of that era and the history of flute pedagogy.

Circular Breathing for the Flutist by Robert Dick. MMB Music. SS, 51 pages. Circular breathing makes it possible to play the flute (or other wind instrument) continuously while inhaling. Of all the wind instrument, the flute uses the most air under the lowest pressure, exactly the opposite of the most desirable situation. This book presents in detail the learning and practice methods that should enable every flutist to master circular breathing. In addition to basic and intermediate exercises, this book contains examples from the repertoire and advanced techniques.